“....While we may disagree about what is beautiful, we must agree that everyone, everywhere acknowledges that something is beautiful....” I.Kant

Style and Beauty, as subjective as they are, are defined by personalities, ideologies, and lifestyle, defined by YOU- as unique, different and amazing as you are.

This is the idea behind creating studio NOVA- a new concept for styling and in particular-HAIRSTYLING, based on originality that an individual holds in.

STYLE defined by you, TRENDS defined by you, DESIGN defined by you- You are the ARTIST, you are the MUSE and studio NOVA provides you with the necessary tools- extremely talented HAIRSATYLISTS, new generation chemical-free HAIRPRODUCTS from “Original and Minerals” and a cool, hip, funky, groovy place to express yourself. Studio NOVA welcomes you!

We won "the best salon in astoria" by weheartastoria.com.